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I map sporadically and somewhat randomly. Sometimes where I live (have lived), sometimes just out of a quest for detail. Edinburgh, Norwich, Inverurie, Aberdeen, Newtonhill, Portlethen, Skye, even Cyprus.

Currently trying to complete the details for all Munros, Corbetts, Donalds, Grahams, Murdos, Marilyns (and their associated "tops").

Class Number Tag Complete Comment
Munros 282 munro=yes


yes Didn't tag as Marilyn's where appropriate
Munro Tops 227 no
Corbetts 221 corbett=yes yes* * forgot that all Corbett's are also Marilyns - need to bulk update somehow, but don't know how
Corbett Tops 449 no
Donalds 89 no
Donald Tops 51 no
Grahams 224 graham=yes no Being populated by default as I update the Marilyns
Graham Tops 777 no
Murdos 443 no
Marilyns 1214 marilyn=yes WIP updating as I go at the moment

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