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Here are some information regarding the proposal of a User:Rw/Proposal:Welcome Working Group

Data extracted from list discussion: [1] Some statistics abour the new members contacts established by french mappers:

  • Nicolas Dumoulin : around 60% with no response, 30% positive and 10% negative
  • PierreV : contact only mappers with a last 1 upload and in his region. 70% with no response (on them only 10% make other upload), 30% positive, 0% negative
  • Cquest: no real statistics, but very few negative answers.
  • Julien Thevenon : 32 messages sent since 2012. 5 positive answers, on them 4 still active mappers. On the 27 other people, around 10 still in activity.

We get a collection of message that are sent (in french), so it will be easier to build a "standard" message. Almost everyone sent messages only some weeks after the first upload, include a personnal part, and add links to the best information sources/tutorials and how to contact the french community in case of trouble.