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The Bicycle wiki page provides general information for tagging bicycle related features on OSM. This page provides additional tagging guidelines suitable for cycle ways in Flanders.



According to the Belgian highway code, cycleways are signed with the traffic signs D7 or D9.

The part of the road which is delimited by two parallel dashed lines and which is too narrow for car traffic is also a cycleway. [1]

Cyclists and mopeds class A have to drive on cycleways. Mopeds class B are not allowed with traffic sign D9, and it depends on the situation whether they're allowed with D7.

Picture Traffic Sign Definition
Belgium road with D7 nopavement speedabove50.jpg D7


Mandatory cycleway
Belgium road with D9.jpg D9

Belgium-trafficsign-d9 foot bicycle.svg


Belgium-trafficsign-d9 bicycle foot.svg

Part of the road reserved for traffic of pedestrians, cyclists and two-wheeled mopeds class A
Cycleway lane1 be.jpg n/a Cycleway delimited by dashed lines

Part of the road reserved for traffic of pedestrians and cyclists

This is not defined as a cycleway in the highway code. Mopeds are not allowed on these paths. Pedestrians and cyclists have to drive on them.

Picture Traffic Sign Definition
Belgium road with D10.jpg D10


Part of the road reserved for traffic of pedestrians and cyclists

Cycle road

A cycle road is a way on itself -- independent from the course of other roads -- with two-way bicycle traffic.

There are two ways to sign a cycle road: as a road reserved for traffic of pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders (traffic signs F99a and F99b), or as a way

Basic Information

  • All roads/paths which do not display the signs depicted but cycling is allowed are best tagged with highway=* (then unclassified, path etc, depending upon the road) and then bicycle=yes if explicitly signed. Check User:Eimai/Belgian_Roads#Restrictions this page to determine the correct tags in the case of missing road signs.
  • Some cycle paths may also be used by:
Belgium-trafficsign-f99a foot bicycle horse.svg F99a Belgium-trafficsign-f99b foot bicycle.svg F99b Belgium-trafficsign-f99c foot horse bicycle.svg F99c

or a C3 sign with, underneath, special permission granted for bicycles.

Belgium-trafficsign-c3.svg of Belgium-trafficsign-c3.svg
Belgium-trafficsign-m2.svg    Belgium-trafficsign-m3.svg

Choosing between cycleway=lane andcycleway=track

Picture Description EN Tags

Cyclelane be.png

Cycleway lane1 be.jpg

On-road, one-way cycle lane, with minimum 25cm and maximum 1 metre between the road and the cycle lane. The main criteria is "on-road".

Cycleway track1 be.jpg

Cycleway track2 be.jpg

Separate cycle path, at least 1 metre from the road or with an appropriate separation barrier (such as a bush) between the path and the road.

Belgium road reservedforfootbicycle.jpg

Belgium road reservedforfootbicyclemoped.jpg

Cycle way (may be shared use).

Choosing between cycleway=track and highway=cycleway

For the case of a separate cycle path, tag the adjacent road with cycleway=track. For complicated junctions, or where one side of the road contains a dedicated cycle path but the other an on-road cycle lane, separate the cycle path and tag with highway=cycleway. Remember that drawing individual cycle paths next to roads brings with it its own problems, and makes tagging cycle routes more complicated.

Optional Tags

Separate Cycle Paths highway=cycleway

Tag Description
cycleway:width=2.50 Cycle path width in metres
cycleway:buffer=9.25 Distance between cycle path and adjacent road
cycleway:surface=asphalt Other options include: concrete, concrete plates, paving_stones, paving_stones:20, paving_stones:30, cobblestone, cobblestone:flattened, ground and gravel

On-road cycle lans cycleway=lane of cycleway=track

Tag Description
cycleway:width=2.50 Cycle lane width in metres
cycleway:buffer=2.50 Width of space between the cycle lane and the road. Consider parking spaces, grass verges and hedges.
cycleway:surface=asphalt Other options include: concrete, concrete plates, paving_stones, paving_stones:20, paving_stones:30, cobblestone, cobblestone:flattened, ground and gravel

If a road contains two different types of cycle lane/path, use the following tag to note the width of the path on the right hand side of the road, in the direction of the way in OSM: cycleway:right:width=2.50

One-way streets

There is currently no consensus on the problem of one-way streets with a two-way cycle lane. Two possibilities include:

  • bicycle:oneway=no: A sort of "negative restriction", allowing two-way bicycle traffic.
  • cycleway=opposite: This suggests a contra-flow cycle lane is available, even though there may not be any actual road markings to suggest as such.