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I started with OSM in July 2006. I'm currently trying to clean up Islington and surrounding environs, and the East End.

I'm using a generic bluetooth GPS unit with a Sirf Star 3 chipset, and recording the tracks on my Nokia N80 phone (not recommended: nice screen, but slow and annoying user interface and annoying and stupid incompatabilities) with GETrack, until I can get a FOSS program working.

I'm using the ABC Street Atlas of 1933 a bit, mainly to remind me of street names [1].

Some differences with the present day that I've found:

Devonshire Steet - now Devonia Road (IIRC).
Laycock's Yard - now Laycock Street.
Church Street - now Northchurch Street.
Park Street - now Islington Park Street.
Richmond Road - Richmond Avenue??
Banbury St - Danbury St
Noel St - Noel Road

New streets:

Tolpuddle Street

Hit list (places need GPS tracks for)

Waterloo Terrace
Canonbury Park South
Laycock St
Compton Terrace
Barford St
Streets off St Peter's St
Richmond Cresent / Ripplevale Grove area
Middleton Square
Remington St (off City Rd)
Streets behind town hall
Calabria Rd area