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This is a brain dump about Potlatch, it's actually no use reading it. But I will try to clean it up and make my thoughts clearer. I'm sorry Users:Imi but this is the better editor, though Josm feels more stable and has more features, it's actually in the way of my editing..


Deleting ways

But there is a bug:

  • mark the first/last node in a way
  • hit backspace until you reach last node
  • hit escape

The way will disappear from potlatch, even though it shouldn't be deleted by this.. and if you reload the map it will be there again..

Adding tags

  1. press + two times
  2. write something in the upper tags' key and value fields
  3. press tab a couple of times


the new tags are all removed.


I'm not sure anything should be removed.
Should be fixed in Potlatch 0.6. --Richard 01:27, 19 December 2007 (UTC)
I'll keep posting them here, but perhaps Trac is better? Erik Johansson 14:48, 20 December 2007 (UTC)
Either's fine with me. trac is the canonical reference but I do try to keep track of what people are saying elsewhere!
Re: your comment at - I would ultimately like to add a system of "tag panels" to Potlatch whereby there are hardcoded fields for road number, road name, etc. etc. Potlatch would then invisibly write the appropriate tags. This would make translation much more viable, as the tags would remain constant, but the UI could be localised. That said, there's a lot to do before I can get onto that! --Richard 18:29, 20 December 2007 (UTC)

Adding tags, test case 2

Not really the same bug

  1. choose a way
  2. choose a Unlassified road
  3. press '+' to add a field
  4. press tab

Results: the name= tag is removed, and the new key= tag is moved to the top and you can only change the value of the tag (uneditable key).

Expected: They should just stay, the name= key shouldn't be editable, the new key= key should be editable.

Adding tags, test case 3

When new tags are added they, and you tab past the key tag fiel, they are directly removed if you try to go back.

  1. add a key
  2. 2xtab
  3. shift tab

Results: new tag is removed.

Adding already existent tags, test case 4

  1. add tag e.g. bike=no
  2. add tag set key to bike
  3. press 2xtab

Results: both tags disapear.

inconsistencies when drawing ways

= not bug

  1. start way
  2. create at least one extra node
  3. click and connect with the start node

Result: You get a circular way, but a circular way wih two nodes what is that?

buggy, polish

  1. start way
  2. create at least one extra nodes in that way
  3. click and connect with any node but the start and end node.
  4. press enter to stop editing

Result: The black line, that signifies currently editing a way, will disapear, but it will return as soon as you move you mouse. But you are out of editing mode so if you try to click somewhere you will have a "dead" black line leading nowhere.

Feature requests

  • set the one-way street direction I can't see the direction it's one-way in.
You see the direction of a way on the arrow on the bottom left, I still think this is too unclear indication of the direction of the way. To show it clearly there should be an arrow poping up on the map telling you what direction the Way is.
  • localized versions of potlatch
    • localized versions of tags.
Cycleway=*** is very easy to define in Swedish but very hard to translate to english. I'm guessing the same is true for Dutch

Minor use ability problems

How do I

  • end a way that I've started drawing (bug?)
you press enter. Sometimes this isn't enough there still is a blackline still there, it usually helps to move the map around a little, or just reload the page (press the edit tab)
  • see the history of the current place.
  • continue a way
  • remove points from a way..
  • add points on a way.
  • What does way mean
it's a higly technical term in English that I never heared of before I entered this project. And User:Blackadders use of highway/right of way is very confusing, it has been brought up before by other people.
  • delete ways in an easy way
    • How do I delete stacked ways, should this even be used?
  • hide the way number that is displayed.


This isn't a problem with potlatch really it's just a problem

  • find the tags that are appropriate
  • get nice colors (i.e tag a road as a road etc.)
  • tag a park/forrest
use leisure=park and landuse=forrest


  • work with areas
  • put a park on the edge of a road.
  • add buildings
  • change large areas without fuck up.
  • know that the parks that I have added are rendered correctly, in all the maprenderers..