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Strange tags that I use

  • natural=land :node: a small piece of land in or under water, usually a rock but might also be bigger.
  • natural=land :area: islands in the sea I want to use this instead
  • water=shallow :area: depth of sea is 0.1m - 3m
  • water=not_deep :area: depth of sea is 0.1m - 5m
  • depth=0.1m?; natural=land :node: rocks mapped from Ekonomiska Kartan
  • roof:* :area: building shit
  • fixme=survey :node|area|way: need to survey the posisiton or the name again because it might be wrong, I might have forgotten
  • source=ekonomiska :changeset|node|area|way: Mapped with [Ekonomiska Kartan]]
  • man_made=jetty :way|area: equals man_made=pier but smaller. (I managed to kill this tag myself :-/ )
  • natural=bay :node|area: name of waterbody, might be a strait also
  • natural=strait :node|area: name of a strait
  • place=locality :node|area: name of something, e.g. mountain, peak, hill, housings, bay, a group of islands, what ever.
  • start_date:* :node|area|relation: start date of this object when finnished or first taken into use. I've tried a new way of tagging start_date:* e.g. "start_date:all finished:1847" when I tagged an area, but I guess what really is needed is way to mark resolution of the tagging in time/space/objects. A start_date is very seldom just one date.