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Update: There is a map (including GPX) now.


  • approx. 3500km long
  • about 2100km signposted


  • 50273 [1] - Euro Route R1 (network=icn, ref=R1) - international relation. Should contain national relations only (browse & show childs), no single ways.
  • 13288 - Europaradweg R1 (network=ncn, ref=D3) - German part - analyze
  • 18560 - R1 (network=lcn, ref=R1) - analyze If you look at this relation's history, it was formerly tagged as EuroVelo2. Only covering German part at the moment, IMHO should be merged into 13288.
  • 50272 - R1 (network=ncn, ref=R1) Polish part, therefore tagged national.

R1, D3 and EV2

Euro Route R1 is not the same as EuroVelo2 (EV2, "Capitals Route")!

If you look at the full length, EV2 hits Warsaw, Minsk and Moscow. R1 does not. Have a look at the map by ECF or "EuroVelo" on Wikipedia.


  • The former regional route R1 became national route D3 later, which itself is part of the international route "Euro Route R1".
  • At the same time, D3 is also the German part of the international route EV2.

Confusing, isn't it? Feel free to ask if you did not get it yet.

Short History

  • 1988-05-13 official opening in Höxter, Germany. Length: 275km (from the Dutch border to Höxter), name: "R1"
  • 1991-07 linked to LF1 / LF4. Length: 800km from Boulogne sur Mer / Calais to Höxter
  • around 1992 continuation towards Berlin
  • 1993-03-27 Höxter up to Wittenberg completed
  • 1994-12-05 proposal for continuation through Poland
  • 1995-04-05 ADFC joined
  • 1995-08-02 PTTK approved
  • 1997-12 signposting from Kostrzyn to Gronowo (675km) completed
  • [sth. missing]
  • 2005-04 signposting 515km in Estonia (utilizing national Route 4 from Valga to Tartu

and national Route 3 from Tartu to Narva)

Estimation by Georg Marquardt: Euro-Route R1 is uniformly signposted with "R1" over approx. 2100km

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