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Project Name

POI center (export, lists, map)

Main Contact


Other people involved

User:Sasude, maybe User:Rullzer and User:Rubke

Short description of your project

  • Provide lists of POIs (restaurants for example) inside a polygon (like inside a city). These lists can be crawlable by search engines like Google and could link to OSM API (browse page) or editors.
  • Show clickable POIs on a map.
  • Ability to export to multiple formats.


Why is this project interesting to the OSM community?

There is no simple tool showing POIs of the same kind in a specified region yet. It can be used by mappers to identify missing details and by users to find POIs.

What special software will you need?

  • PostGIS (containing current Planet)
  • PHP, Python/FastCGI
  • gpsbabel (for exports)

What resources will you need?

  • Current Planet import (shared between all users on the server)
  • number of DB queries depending on usage, up-to-dateness, caching
  • CPU, RAM for exports (run gpsbabel on some region's filtered POI collection)
  • if lists are cached: depending on amount of POIs, a few hundred KiB for each list, times the number of supported cities (up to all cities in the world)

Where is the source code?

  • export source in OSM SVN)
  • Javascript: just view source (no repo yet)
  • old project for adding XML-Stylesheet to XAPI output, abandoned project because browsers can not handle XSLT on larger XML files

What data do you need?

All regions that should be supported, this would ideally be the world, up to date. Not absolutely necessary. May be shared.

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  • sharing PostGIS Planet with any other project
  • Dutch POI export
  • Cloudmade GeoCoding
  • old project by Rubke (offline)
  • any custom POI map