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Screenshot of OpenStreetBugs

Because of some problems with the query results at I decided to rebuild the service using another database. The result is currently located at and changes on Appspot now forwarded to the new service.

What has changed?

  • Using a new database (MySQL) supporting more queries.
  • Added a link to the "Geofabrik Map" tool in the sidebar.
  • Improved results in RSS feed and GPX export.
  • You can add a bug by just clicking at the desired spot.
  • On the new database you may realize your own ideas.
  • /Stats and possibility of more live stats.
  • Daily database dumps (see "more -> dumps" on the new site).
  • You may take part in the development, source code is in a public repository.
  • Timestamp in bug report and comments, similar to timestamp by JOSM plugin for OSB
  • "Edit in JOSM" link


Realize your own ideas and submit a patch! Existing ideas are collected at Bugtracker_proposal.

Please keep the goal of OSB in mind when thinking about new features.


Limits are not caused by the database but are artificial. Reasons are avoiding more traffic, Javascript handling of too many bugs will be slow.

  • normal query: 100 bugs
  • RSS feed: 10 bugs
  • GPX export: 1000 bugs (*)

(*) note: limit may be set manually by adding "limit=1234" parameter. Maximum is 100000. If you need more, please use the database dump.

Source Code

Check it out at

Patches are welcome! Please keep the goal of OSB in mind when thinking about new features.