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Hello, my name is Youjin Choe, and I am a PhD candidate at Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Melbourne, Australia. My research interest is in understanding user interaction during geospatial data co-production process in online communities. Before joining the University, I was a frequent end-user of OSM data from my work, and I got so fascinated by how a group of strangers create and maintain this big open geospatial database. Previously, I completed a Delphi survey with OSM users on assessing how user conflict looks like in OSM (research study approved under ethics application number: 2056244 by Ethics Committee under the Office of Research Ethics and Integrity, University of Melbourne).

Invitation to my current research project: focus group study

I created this page to invite you to participate in a focus group study. The aim is to collect your feedback as an OSM user on current interface design of OSM Changeset Discussion for user conflict management, and co-design alternative design options. This study will consist of two focus group sessions, each of which will take an hour of your time.

I am looking for OSM members whose age is 18+ years old with following experiences:

  • Those OSM members who volunteered in moderating and facilitating user discussion on OSM Changeset Discussion feature;
  • Those OSM members who volunteered in developing tools and features in OSM; and/or
  • Those OSM members who have collaborated in OSM in the last 7 years (both long-term members and newcomers).

Of course, the results of the study will be fully anonymised. The data collected from this focus group will be only used as part of my PhD thesis, academic publications and in a report or presentation to the wider OSM community. The data will not be reused in any other study at the University or other entity. Any results of this research will be available as Open Access format to OSM community for further discussion and potential implementation.

For more details, please contact me at, copying my supervisor Associate Professor Martin Tomko at for further information.

Ethics approval information of the project

For conducting this focus group study, we have submitted a research ethics application (reference number: 2022-24181-29036-3) and received an approval by the Ethics Committee under the Office of Research Ethics and Integrity, University of Melbourne.