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The Swedish Academy of Open Street Mapping is proud to announce ...

The 2007 OSMA Awards

The mapping world is abuzz with the annual OSMA (Open Street Map Accolade) awards which this year will be awarded in a remote Swedish forest by Gerardus Mercator and Whoopi Goldberg. Each winner will receive a life-size solid 24 carat gold statue of Steve Coast. Awardees are asked to contribute the cost.

And walking down the green carpet are ...

Life Time Achievement Award

Last year was the Year of the Editor but we were unable to recognise the sterling achievements of Imi, Immanuel Scholz, and his marvellous JOSM editor.

The Cain and Abel Acccolade, aka Sons of Imi

Goes to Frederik Ramm for taking over JOSM and to Richard Fairhurst for his online Potlatch Editor. Richard also receives a Victoria's (Very) Cross for single handedly repulsing an armed mailing list attack on Potlatch. And we understand that all this is done from the bottom of a cold English canal.

Yeehaw Yahoo! Accolade

Mikel Marion introduces another important tool for the OSM mapper.

The Speedy Gonzales Accolade

To Tom "That won't take long to fix, did it" Hughes for system administration in a cellar somewhere below University College. This award has been made after suspicions of interference with the space-time continuim proved without merit.

The David Earl Accolade

Goes to ... , well, David Earl. We reckon that anyone who maps an entire city of 100,000 people, Cambridge in England, by himself, on his bike, deserves to have an award named after him. David also wins the "You Are Here ... I Think" medal for introducing an excellent and steadily improving name search facility to the slippy map.

The Albert Einstein Accolade

Goes to Maning Sambale. Maning figured out that it is really very easy to make a map, even if you don't own a GPS. Trace some streets from Yahoo Imagery and take the piece of paper down to the nearest busy street corner and ask the Jeepney drivers. Et Voila! In fifteen minutes you have all the street names, oneways and what have you. Impressive inroads being made on Metro Manila, a city of 15 million people. OK, he does get to borrow a GPS too.

The for_he_is_a_jolly_good_fellow=yes (Applies To Nodes and Areas) Accolade

Ulf Lamping. For ruthlessly and dictatorilly imposing democracy on the Map Features tag process.

The Think BIG Accolade

Most of us map our local areas but Martijn van Oosterhout has converted data for the two most populous contries on earth, India and China, into an OSM map (not in the official database yet) and underpinned an initiative to complete error free mapping of all the world's major coastlines.

The William Blake TIGER Hunting Accolade

Need to identify a major US contributor(s) of TIGER conversion. TIGER, TIGER Burning Bright, Through Manhattan Late At Night. - This should go to David Hansen

The Blue Whale Accolade

OJW, we are convinced, works hundreds of kilometres below the surface of the sea but when he surfaces it is always spectacular. To complete ... almien coastlines ... the is_in tag city maps

The Meyer Lansky Acccolade for Financial Wizardry

80n - cool OSM Foundation accounts dude.

The Someone Had To Do It Acccolade

Me. Why not exploit power and award something to yourself, I say. For mapping OSM's first tropical island. This required trekking along endless white sand beaches and wading through hotel swimming pools in searing 29 degree heat with the sun beating down and at least one mosquito. And nothing to drink but San Miguel beer. Hell it was.

The Host of Hosts Accolade

To University College.

The Ethereal Being Acccolade

Steve Coast, of coarse.

Looking forward to the 2008 Awards

The judges expect great things from interactive maps (POI pop-ups and the like) and specialist maps. Town and city completions.