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OSMF board election (my theme: growing deep and wide)

I decided to throw my hat into the ring and run for a board member position of the OSMF. Here are some pertinent materials to help you make an informed decision as to whether you think I should serve on the Board of Directors:

My manifesto for the election.

Thread of questions posed by the community and all answers.

↳ Just my answers.

Brief Summary

My theme is that for us to make OSM the best and most used map, we need to grow OSM wide and deep:

  • Expand OSM's reach by growing local OSM groups, increasing outreach to education programs, growing data extent and usability, adding emphasis to the developer tools and software development part of OSM, and improving our publicity through advocacy and improved online presence.
  • Grow the community of OSM by creating mentoring programs for all aspects of OSM work, providing opportunities to reward users who are active or have contributed a lot in a unique niche, setting general conduct rules for interactions within OSM, and again growing local OSM groups.

I have proposed many specific ideas and avenues I would like to pursue in both my manifesto and my answers to questions posed by the community (see here for just my answers); my manifesto also contains my stance on a few topics that have been brought up in the mailing list. I will be open to any ideas that help OSM and the community if I am elected, while remaining transparent and levelheaded.