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Overpass scripts to find common (or hopefully less common) tagging errors or just to find specific features.

Misspelled keys

Use this as the search criterion, replace 'WRONG_KEY' by the key you're looking for. It finds all ways with this key, regardless of the tag value.


Wrong access tags

Nodes without tags, not part of a way

(WIP) [bbox:(bbox={{{minlon}}},{{{minlat}}},{{{maxlon}}},{{{maxlat}}})];
node; - way<;->.n1;
out meta;

Alternative version (also doesn't seem to work)

Residential landuse tagged as village

步行街 without highway=pedestrian

Nodes part of way, with specific tag[1]

Fixme notes[2]

Mixture of Latin and other alphabet in name [3]

Objects last edited by particular user