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I'm Phil Hands

I'm contactable at

I first heard about OSM at the 2006 UKUUG Summer conference, where Steve and I were both speakers.

I am a long time Debian GNU/Linux developer, and run and own the UK Debian mirror. (in case you're wondering, Debian does for Computer Operating Systems what OSM does for mapping -- Have a look!)

My interest in OSM is founded on the "Information wants to be Free", "Free as in speech" end of the spectrum, as I make my living from programing and supporting Free Software, and have been doing so for over a decade.

When I found out about OSM I used it as an excuse to upgrade my aging Garmin eTrex Summit, for a shiny new GPSmap 60CSx (which as Steve said, is insane :-). For the record, I bought it for £300.00 from a UK eBay trader, which is significantly cheaper than in the shops. You can get it cheaper still from the states, but then you get the US built in map, and run the risk that you'll get stung for import tax, so I decided to spend an extra 50 quid for an easy life. Not that the built in UK map is much cop, but it might come in handy one day.

Since getting the GPSmap I've mapped most of my local streets in South Woodford, and some of where my family live between Reading and Henley-on-Thames -- only time will tell if this initial enthusiasm lasts, but I'd imagine that I'll be mapping a few ski resorts' pistes, lifts, and off-piste routes next season as well (since I'm Repping for the Ski Club of Great Britain next season).