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Just a page to have my uploaded images in one place


Street Signs

multilingual street sign (Meran) multilingual street sign (Meran) street sign germany Street Sign Berlin Street Sign CH

Access Restrictions

"Except access only" or bicycle "Except agricultural vehicles" "Except access only" "No motor vehicles" - "Except agricultural vehicles" "Except emergency vehicles"

Map Features

Climbing Motel university Airfield Vulkanstrasse, Zürich Zürich/Höngg Recycling Containers railway crossing tram station automatic bollard Europäischer Kulturpark Bliesbruck-Reinheim Darmstadt - Rheinstraße (N49.87192,E8.64410) View to the west Primary+Tram Primary junction minor street and tram track lines minor road secondary 1 lane (oneway) street unpaved way concrete paving concrete paving secondary street castle minor street Motorway/Autobahn Example for a Motorway/Autobahn link-road Example for a residential street Example for a footpath Bowling1 Bowling2 Power Line castle cycle lane multi lanes trunk cycle lane footway bollard way through a building way through a building way through a building way through a building ruins man_made=pier man_made=works man_made=tower railway=platform man_made=survey_point shop=car amenity=bank barrier=wall waterway=riverbank


surface=grass_paver surface=grass_paver surface=gravel surface=cobblestone surface=paving_stones surface=mud surface=ground surface=earth surface=pebblestone surface=pebblestone surface=pebblestone


Linuxtag 06

Dscf0263 600.jpg Dscf0265 600.jpg Dscf0264 600.jpg


The OSM booth RMLL poster "1er cycle" building of the Faculté des Sciences, campus of Henri Poincaré - Nancy 1 University. The OSM booth Sxpert's Car PC that attracted a lot of people

Linuxtag 07

Dscf0708-800.jpg Dscf0754-800.jpg


Dscf0855-800.jpg Dscf0843-800.jpg Dscf0845-800.jpg Dscf0846-800.jpg Dscf0850-800.jpg

Linuxtag 08

Dscf0803-800.jpg Dscf0729-800.jpg Dscf0822-800.jpg

FrOSCon 08

Dscf1057-800.jpg Dscf1088-800.jpg

OSM-Kick-Off Treffen 08

Dscf1493-800.jpg Dscf1496-800.jpg Dscf1505-800.jpg Dscf1510-800.jpg


GPS at window from outside the car. ‎GPS at window from inside the car. ‎Towel Hooks Cable Wraps ‎Backside of Geko with Velcro tape Geko with Velcro tape ‎My old "GPS on the dashboard" solution ‎Street data example Street ERD OLYMPUS-VN-120PC.jpg Sat image - GPS distance