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This is a list of the tags that I generally find myself using, compiled here as a 'cheat sheet' to help me remember. To make your own version of this list, copy the source to your user page and edit away...

General attributes

Name Tag Description Example photo
Name name=name The normal name. For multiple-name complexities see naming. Street name sign.JPG
Bridge bridge=yes Can be used on any roads, railways, canals or footpaths 100px
Tunnel tunnel=yes Can be used on any roads, railways, canals or footpaths 100px


Name Tag Description Example photo
Motorway highway=motorway Draw one way per lane. Use ref= to add reference number (eg M25). Motorway-photo.jpg
Motorway link highway=motorway_link The sliproads and ramps roads leading to and from a motorway. 100px
Trunk road highway=trunk Big main roads that aren't motorways, eg 'A' roads. Add number with ref= Dscf0444 600.jpg
Trunk road link highway=trunk_link Sliproads leading to and from trunk roads 100px
Main road highway=primary Big roads linking larger towns. eg 'B' roads? 100px
Secondary road highway=secondary Roads linking small towns. 100px
Normal road highway=residential Small roads, often with houses either side, and a dashed line down the middle. Residential.jpg
Cycle route ncn_ref=number Add this tag to roads which form part of the National Cycle Network. In the UK, national routes have single-digit numbers and red signs, regional routes have double-digit numbers and blue signs. Use the same tag for both. Cycle route sign.jpg

Trains, tubes and trams

Name Tag Description Example photo
Railway railway=rail Remember to mark bridges, tunnel and cuttings (cutting=yes). 100px
Tram railway=tram 100px
Tube railway=subway Use for all London Underground lines. 100px
Light rail railway=light_rail Use for the DLR. 100px
Narrow-gauge railway highway=narrow_gauge Use for operating heritage narrow-gauge railways (typically rural). 100px
Station railway=station Can be used for all of the above, as a single junction at interchanges. 100px

Rivers, canals and waterways

Name Tag Description Example photo
River waterway=river 100px
Canal waterway=canal Man-made, artificial waterway. 100px
Stream waterway=stream 100px
Dock waterway=dock 100px

Parks, green spaces and footpaths

Name Tag Description Example photo
Park leisure=park Any area that calls itself a park. Example-park.jpg
Village greens landuse=village_green Any greenspace that calls itself, or is referred to as, a village green. 100px
Open green space landuse=grass Use for any other types of greenspace, eg squares. 100px
Footpath (road-style) highway=service Any footpath within a park-type area which is also occasionally used by cars/patrol vehicles. Park service road.jpg
Footpath (paved) highway=footway Use for any paved footpaths which you couldn't drive a car down Footpath-paved-1.jpg
Footpath (dirt track) unspecified Not quite sure which tag to use here... 100px
Sports pitch leisure=pitch Combine with sport= to define a specific sports pitch. 100px
Children's playground leisure=playground Can be an area or a node. Children's playground-photo.jpg

Public buildings

Name Tag Description Example photo
Pub amenity=pub 100px
Church / mosque / etc amenity=place_of_worship Use religion= to specify religion. 100px
Post Office amenity=post_office 100px
University amenity=university 100px
School amenity=school Any kind of school. Use amenity=college for sixth-form only colleges though. 100px
Hospital amenity=hospital 100px
Town Hall amenity=town_hall Historic town halls. 100px
Museum attraction=museum Any kind of museum 100px
Sports Centre leisure=sports_centre Mixed-use indoor sports centres. Add sport= to list sports available. 100px
Other public building amenity=public_building Check Map Features and Proposed features first, but if you can't find it, use this. 100px

Outdoor attractions

Name Tag Description Example photo
Zoo attraction=zoo Any kind of zoo or menagerie, big or small. Zoo.jpg
Theme Park attraction=theme_park Any kind of enclosed, ride-based attraction. Theme park.jpg
Gardens leisure=garden eg botanical gardens or the gardens of a manor house. 100px
Golf Course leisure=golf_course Golf course.jpg

Shops and commercial buildings

Name Tag Description Example photo
Music Venue leisure=music_venue Anywhere that regularly hosts live music 100px
Shopping Centre amenity=shopping_centre 100px
Supermarket shop=supermarket Tescos, Sainsburys, etc. Anything except the smallest (eg 'Express') stores. 100px
Petrol station amenity=fuel 100px
Shop shop=various Value can be whatever sounds sensible (eg bakery, butcher). Probably only worth adding notable shops in rural areas. 100px