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This is just a draft

I've long been saying that we should perhaps think about simply writing down what we want/expect/hope from our users, instead of trying to force them to do something or not to do something through a license or contract or whatever.

Here is an attempt at finding words for this.

We, the OpenStreetMap contributors, allow everyone to use the data we have collected, for any purpose and without limitation.

If you use our free data, we ask you to keep the data free as long as this is within your powers. If you mix our data with data from another source, please consider giving that other data to OSM, either by uploading it yourself or by publishing it under a license that allows us to import it. If the data you mix with OSM is not yours, please make an effort to persuade the owner of the data to make it available to OpenStreetMap.

If you produce derived works from OpenStreetMap data, such as a printed map or a work of art, please consider making these works available under a well-known free license (such as public domain or a Creative Commons license), so that others may build upon your work just as you have built upon ours. If certain parts of your derived product cannot be made available under a free license, then try to at least put the rest of it under a free license.

Whatever you do with our data, please give us proper credit, by linking to our project home page or, where you cannot place links, by adding a note that says "based on free map data from" or something to that effect.