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Helpful stuff for simplifying the N50 import

Remind users to clean up source=tags

Select coastline1, select coastline 2. -> replace geometry -> choose source "kartverket n50" and not "pgs" or "bing" -> Apply.

node:modified < way[natural=coastline]{
  throwWarning: tr("Outdated coastline source=");
  fixAdd: "source=kartverket n50";


17:35 < 1> You could strip the source= tag off the new data

17:35 < 1> Then the rule would alert you if you had not set a new one before upload.

17:36 < 1>

17:37 < 3> validator rules can have fix suggestions?

17:37 < 1> Yep.

17:39 < 1> You can also change a key, keeping the value.

17:39 < 3> all this reminds me there's a validator plugin I want to write

17:39 < 1>

17:39 < 3> (yes, plugin, can't be done with mapcss rules)

19:29 < 1> You could also just set newsource= on your new data and clean it up with a search.

Set default source, auto replace the oldest coastt

1. marker en gammel kystlinje og en ny

2. replace geometry

3. Gjør sånn at source=Kartverket blir valgt som default

4. Gjør at ENTER eller SPACE lukker vinduet ved å klikke på Apply