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Hi, my name is Robert, I have known about OpenStreetMap for a while now, but only started getting actively interested in it since joining AuckLUG and Tangleball. I'm a self-confessed computer geek. I'm running Linux on three computers at home, including a netbook, a laptop, and a desktop machine.



I am a trainee member of Civil Defence Waitakere, which is the NZ-RT3 USAR response team. I can also be found on the CrisisCommons wiki. I hope to form or be a part of a VTC in Auckland, and to participate in a CrisisCamp, which is similar to a BarCamp, but focuses on a particular civil or humanitarian disaster, such as the recent earthquakes in Christchurch.

I have a strong interest in the CDEM sector, and in SMEM. I am hoping to participate in a web-based collaboration between CDW and NSW at some time in the future. I have been looking at the Selwyn Gets Ready website, and I hope to organise something similar for West Auckland.


As a member of Neighbourhood Support Waitakere, I make a lot of use of GIS software to keep track of NSW members in my street. I'm on the NSW committee for the 2011/12 year. Crowdsourced SMEM data also makes use of GIS solutions for aggregation and data visualization.

Software I Use

I am currently using the open-source package Quantum GIS for Linux as my preferred application, but I am running it stand-alone right now, as I don't yet have the skills to configure PostGreSQL and PostGIS. Once I get up to speed with using PostGIS, I would like to present Quantum GIS as an alternative system for use by NSW. Any offers of help would be appreciated. Please contact me on my User Talk page.

OpenStreetMap NZ

I am on the mailing list, and now here on the wiki, but as of 08:42, 8 April 2011 (BST), I haven't been to a meeting yet. My Thursday evenings have been busy until now, but I should be available to attend the next meeting, on 28th April 2011.

Mapping Parties

As of 08:42, 8 April 2011 (BST), I have not participated in any mapping parties, but I am keen to get involved.