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Some of the resources I've found useful include:

  • NM Search and Rescue Resources - Public domain USGS maps of New Mexico. Some of these are pretty out of date (Las Cruces area is 1972), so use with caution.

  • City of Las Cruces official website - includes many public domain maps of the city of Las Cruces. Free to use and copy but there is a disclaimer that the city is not responsible for inaccurate or omitted data. Best to at least do a quick survey of any area these maps are used for. Also be aware that the city of Las Cruces is in a period of rapid growth, so large subdivisions may not yet be mapped. The city website is currently going through a lengthy redesign. Many of the clickable routes to the map pages are broken, but the pages do still exist through a search of the website. Listed below are some of the map pages, though if the website redesign ever gets to those sections, these links may break.
    • transportation maps - Includes bike trails, walking trails, public transportation, and transportation projects for the near future.
    • Economic development - Includes traffic map, aggregated crime map, and a zoning map that includes ownership and addresses.
    • Proposed flood maps - FEMA provided maps show flood prone arroyos with names, elevations, and corporate limits. Base maps are USGS aerial photos taken 1996-2004.
    • Resources (More Maps) - parks, council districs, zoning, and a few duplicates of maps already listed on other parts of the city website
    • Bus Schedules - Roadrunner Transit, Aggie Transit, and DACC Shuttle routes. Aggie Transit map includes a map of the NMSU campus with building names.
    • Solid Waste Facilities - rough maps and addresses of solid waste facilities