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The current proposed scheme for tagging kiosks is essentially useless: shop=kiosk is supposed to be used for kiosks selling anything from confectionery to cigarettes, from beverages to newspapers.

The fundamental issue with the shop=kiosk tag is that it conflates information about the physical structure of the shop with the things it sells. This creates confusion especially since people in different countries will assume that a kiosk sells different things by default. For example, in Italy a ‘chiosco’ (kiosk) will typically sell beverages, whereas a newspaper stand would be called ‘edicola’, although sometimes the expression ‘chiosco di giornali’ (newspapers kiosk) can be used. A kiosk can sell bus tickets, or even just be a tourist information point.

The solution to this is very simple, and it's to separate the kiosk information into a building type, to be combined with whatever additional information about what the kiosk does (sell specific kind of things, provide information, or whatever). Some examples:

and so on and so forth.