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GCams - Graham Smith

I got hooked on OSM mapping when I discovered OSM in the later half of last year, and discovered the town in which I lived was a blank sheet! I thought the concept of being able to build a map of my home town from scratch was a real challenge and a good opportunity to get to know my local area better.

I set to work with my ETrex Legend and soon had a good base to work from, which I've been building on ever since. The map is still not totally complete (are they ever?) but a very significant proportion of the town is now mapped:

Lochgelly, Fife

In May 2008, I started a mini-project to get some custom OSM printed Hi-Vis vests made up for surveying on foot or on bike. I liked the idea of being visible (always handy when walking around roads), whilst also promoting OSM. Here's the end result from the first run of vests:

OSM Hi Vis Back.jpg

They seem to be quite popular so far, so if I get enough interest, I might consider organising another print run.