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Planning routes for cycling enables planing routes and easily sending them to their smart phone. No app installation required. Also contains some social features. Supported languages: English, Deutsch.

Good cycleways - bad cycleways

Currently setting up an tiles server with custom rendering for cycling. Started this project for the Cycling Campaign 2012 in Düsseldorf (organized by the cycling club ADFC and the Green party).

  • bigger font for street names
  • render streets as wider lines so you can read the map on the mounted smart phone easily
  • special styles for cycling lanes and tracks

TODO develop custom style

TODO develop model/tags/schema for tagging good/bad cycleways

TODO decide to create a separate database or to tag existing objects in OSM

Tool for editing Mapnik style

osm.xml mapnik style is a huge configuration file that seem to have been written by hand. Every change in rendering is extreamly painful because of XML and massive repetition and redundancy.

TODO Develop a domain specific language (DSL) for a DRY (do not repeat yourself) configuration.

User:Joto suggests using tilemill for creating a new style by WYSIWYG and export to mapnik like xml then.


Automatically visualize good/bad cycleways based on recorded anonymized tracks? Assume bad cycleway if everbody is riding slow. Assume a good way if most are fast.

About me

I am a software developer and a hobby cyclist.

My favorite programming languages:

  • JavaScript/CoffeeScript
  • Ruby
  • Python

My favorite RDBMS is postgresql.