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Things I am currently working on:


  • I used to run the t@h client on a Mac mini (Core2Duo, 2 GHz, 3GB RAM). Results could be seen at t@h (out of service)

QA - Quality_Assurance

  • Following the completeness check of Braunschweig's streets, I started to run other consistency checks on the osm data of Braunschweig.
  • Currently a script updates the reports whenever necessary (updates of the official street name list of the city of Braunschweig)
  • Results can be found on Braunschweig-qa

Checking the street network of Braunschweig for completeness.

  • I used the information from this rectified image
    Stadtbezirke Braunschweig Metacarta-ID: 65
    to draw polygons on the map with josm.
  • With the conversion tool the polygons (osm-xml format) were transformed to a polyline (ASCII Text).
  • With the java based osmosis tool it is possible to extract 'cut-outs' from any osm file.
  • Those 'cut-outs' were fed to the script and its configuration files to generate a list of streets within a certain area. Doing this for all 20 areas of Braunschweig provided a list of all streets with area information.
  • The list was checked against the 'official' list of the city for completeness and is now even more accurate, as a few 'non-existing-streets' were identified (streets, which vanished due to new buildings, but are still in the city's index).
  • Results can be seen on the page Abgleich and more recently Braunschweig-stat and their discussion pages accordingly.
  • Every now and then I download the latest niedersachsen.osm.bz2 data from, run osmosis and and upload the results to this place to check for problems.

postal_code entries for roads in and around Braunschweig

  • This picture is from 26.03.2009 and shows the state of postal_code entries. Unfortuately I forgot to take a blank picture in September 2008 :-)
    Postleitzahlen Braunschweig und Umgebung
  • adding addr:xxx tags to buildings I know
  • adding buildings as far as satellite images are available