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About Me
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Geochang scribe uses or has experience with a Garmin Geko 201 and is willing to answer questions on it from OSM users.
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I am in Geochang, of course.

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OSM Activities:

  • I did all the OSM mapping in my town. It's complete, but there is still a lot of detail to add.
  • I have mapped many motorways and major roads in Korea after numerous bus trips.
  • I have written several wiki pages about mapping in Korea.
  • I try to promote OSM use as well as encourage new mappers.
  • I really want another mapper to be working nearby- then we can have a mapping party!

I have a Garmin Geko 201. It is an excellent device. Having been an OSM mapper for over 2 years now I am getting pretty good at it.

What's this?

A space to put things to show people.

This is a marker post on a hiking trail in Korea. How to tag it?

Trail marker.jpg

This marker is near Geochang, on Geumwonsan (Geumwon mountain). The image shows the following information:

  • On top of the post "2코수", the name of the trail ("No. 2 course"), and "2K", 2 km from the start.
  • On the front of the post, "현위치 번호" "Position no." is "거창 금원산 2-4" (Geochang Geumwonsan 2-4)
  • On the side of the post, "신고처" "Dial and Inform" "119 구조대" "055-119"
  • At the bottom "겅남 소방" (Gyeongnam Fire Department)