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Trying to map Upper Silesia, starting from Pyskowice [1].

Done some work in Gliwice Łabędy (pl) [2].

Using tangogps on Openmoko Freerunner and JOSM. Wasting his bogomips for t@h.


Licenses held for personal use:

  1. 193389[JPEG], 193390[JPEG], 193391[JPEG] from [3];
  2. 194674[JPEG], 194675[JPEG], 194675[JPEG] from [4];
  3. 194031[JPEG], 194032[JPEG], 194033[JPEG], 194034[JPEG] from [5];

Total: 10 x 1km^2 squares of areal photos around Pyskowice.

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