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I'm from Italy and these are some of my OSM projects.

Open data

CTR Veneto buildings import progress web page

A web page that shows on a map the progress of buildings import from CTR Veneto. Data (GeoJSON files) are updated by reading two Wiki tables (1, 2) through a Python script.

Comparison between highways in OSM and data released by Rimini Local Council

A Python script that generates a web page showing the roads still to be mapped in OSM, by comparing OSM data and those released by Rimini Local Council.

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance Tools script

A Jython script for downloading and correcting errors in sequence in JOSM, thanks to "Scripting Plugin".
Suported errors detectors: OSM Inspector, Keep Right, Osmose, Errori in OSM Italia Grp, Housenumbervalidator.
Git repository.

Errori in Italia Grp

A Python script that detects some errors in OSM data of Italy and report them as GPX files and lists on web pages.
Git repository of current version using PostGIS, old code using Spatialite.

Wikipedia and OSM

Wikipedia tags in OSM

A Pyhton script that creates web pages for the Italian OSM community, with lists of Wikipedia articles that are still to be tagged in OSM.
Git repository.