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This is how I wish Map Features looked...

Roads and related features


The highway tag is the primary tag used for highways, paths and other roads. It is often the only tag. There are conventions for its use in particular countries, check if your country has a country specific link on the top of this page. See Highway tag usage and Roads pages for guidance.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
highway motorway Mf way.png A restricted access major divided highway, normally with 2 or more running lanes plus emergency hard shoulder. Equivalent to the Freeway, Autobahn etc.. Rendering-highway motorway neutral.png Motorway-photo.jpg
highway motorway_link Mf way.png The link roads (sliproads / ramps) leading to/from a motorway from/to a motorway or lower class highway. Normally with the same motorway restrictions. Rendering-highway motorway link.png
Dscf0242 600.jpg
highway trunk Mf way.png Important roads that aren't motorways. Typically maintained by central, not local government. Need not necessarily be a divided highway. In the UK, all green signed A roads are, in OSM, classed as 'trunk'. Rendering-highway trunk neutral.png Dscf0444 600.jpg
highway trunk_link Mf way.png The link roads (sliproads / ramps) leading to/from a trunk road from/to a trunk road or lower class highway. Rendering-highway trunk link.png
highway primary Mf way.png Major roads, normally linking larger cities and towns. Rendering-highway primary neutral.png
highway primary_link Mf way.png The link roads (sliproads / ramps) leading to/from a primary road from/to a primary road or lower class highway.
highway secondary Mf way.png Roads generally linking smaller towns and villages Rendering-highway secondary neutral.png Highway secondary-photo.jpg
highway tertiary Mf way.png Smaller roads. Rendering-highway tertiary neutral.png Highway tertiary-photo.jpg
highway unclassified Mf way.png Unclassified roads typically form the lowest form of the interconnecting grid network.
Note: This is not a marker for roads where we still need to choose a highway tag (see highway=road for roads that require classification).
Rendering-highway unclassified.png Highway unclassified-photo.jpg
highway residential Mf way.png roads accessing or around residential areas but which are not a classified or unclassified highway. Rendering-highway residential.png Residential.jpg
highway service Mf way.png generally for access to a building, motorway service station, beach, campsite, industrial estate, business park, etc. This is also commonly used for access to parking and trash collection. Sometimes called an alley, particularly in the US. Rendering-highway service.png
highway road Mf way.png A road of unknown classification. This is intended as a temporary tag to mark a road until it has been properly surveyed. Once it has been surveyed, the classification should be updated to the appropriate value. Road.png
highway track way roads for agricultural use, gravel roads in the forest etc.; usually unpaved/unsealed but may occasionally apply to paved tracks as well. Should be used together with tracktype. Please see Template:Key:tracktype for more information. Rendering-highway track.png Frühlingslandschft Aaretal Schweiz.jpg
Paths and related features
highway pedestrian wayarea For Roads , i.e. mainly/exclusively for pedestrians /Shopping Areas. Also for tagging squares and plazas, therefore add area=yes. Pedestrian with area osm.png Calle arenal.jpg
highway cycleway Mf way.png For designated cycleways, i.e. mainly/exclusively for bicycles. If pedestrians are allowed as well, you can indicate this by adding a foot=yes tag as appropriate. Cycleway osm.png Cycleway-markings.jpg
highway footway Mf way.png For designated footpaths, i.e. mainly/exclusively for pedestrians. This includes walking tracks and gravel paths. If bicycles are allowed as well, you can indicate this by adding a bicycle=yes tag. Rendering-highway footway.png Dscf0487 600.jpg
highway * way A number of other tags exists, among the most frequently used are highway=bridleway for bridleways, highway=path for generic paths and highway=byway for byways. See highway=* for a more complete list.
Intersection features
highway mini_roundabout Mf node.png Very small roundabouts only, larger ones should be junction=roundabout. In the UK, mini-roundabouts have a circular sign with a blue background, instead of the usual triangular sign

Rendered as anti-clockwise by default. To render clockwise add the tag direction=clockwise.

Mapping-Features-Mini-Roundabout.png Mini-roundabout.jpg
highway traffic_signals Mf node.png Lights that control the traffic Rendering-traffic singals.jpg Ampel.jpg
highway crossing Mf node.png Pedestrians can cross a street here - e.g. zebra crossing Zebra-crossing sm.jpg
highway gate Mf node.png Placed on a node on the way where the gate is located. Combine with access=* where appropriate. Note: new tag barrier=gate has been introduced. Gate-hindeloopen-westerdijk.jpg
highway stile Mf node.png Allow pedestrians to cross a wall or fence. Note: new tag barrier=stile has been introduced. KentStile.jpg
highway toll_booth Mf node.png A road usage toll or fee is collected here. Note: new tag barrier=toll_booth has been introduced. Toll booth.jpg
Other features
highway bus_stop Mf node.png A small bus stop. Larger stations should be tagged as amenity=bus_station instead.
Bus prumyslova.jpg
highway turning_circle Mf node.png A turning circle is a rounded, widened area usually, but not necessarily, at the end of a road to facilitate easier turning of a vehicle. Mapping-Features-Turning-Circle.png
highway User Defined Mf node.png Mf way.png See Tagwatch for more used values.
junction roundabout Mf way.png This automatically implies oneway=yes, the oneway direction is defined by the sequential ordering of nodes within the Way. This applies on a way, tagged with highway=* already. Mapping-Features-Roundabout-Simple.png Roundabout.jpg
junction Other Values Mf way.png See Key:junction or Tagwatch for more used values.
highway motorway_junction Mf node.png Indicates a junction (UK) or exit (US) ref should be set to the exit number or junction identifier. (Some roads - e.g. the A14 - also carry junction numbers, so the tag may be encountered elsewhere despite its name)
Dscf0242 600.jpg
Traffic calming
traffic_calming yes Mf node.png Mf way.png To tag road features that are designed to slow down traffic in residential areas.
traffic_calming bump Mf node.png Mf way.png Short bump, usually less than 30cm in lenght. See Speed bump definition at wikipedia.
Traffic calming example.jpg
traffic_calming chicane Mf node.png Mf way.png See Chicane definition at wikipedia.
One-lane chicane 1.jpg
traffic_calming cushion Mf node.png Mf way.png Several humps with spaces between them. See Speed Cushion definition at wikipedia.
Firetruck cushions.jpg
traffic_calming hump Mf node.png Mf way.png Longer bump, but in general not long enough for whole vehicle. See Speed hump definition at wikipedia.
Asphalt Speed Hump.jpg
traffic_calming rumble_strip Mf node.png Mf way.png Several humps with spaces between them. See Rumble Strips definition at wikipedia.
North Luzon Expressway Rumble Strips.jpg
traffic_calming table Mf node.png Mf way.png Very long flat bump. See Speed table definition at wikipedia.
Traffic calming-table.jpg
traffic_calming choker Mf node.png Mf way.png Intentionally narrowed part of a road
traffic_calming Other Values Mf node.png Mf way.png See Key:traffic_calming or Tagwatch for more used values.
Service attributes
service parking_aisle Mf way.png A parking aisle is an area in a parking lot in between Parking space that vehicles can drive into and out of the parking spaces. Use with highway=service
Parking aisle.jpg
service driveway Mf way.png A driveway is a service road leading to a residence or business, usually with private access. Use with highway=service
service alley Mf way.png An alley is a service road usually located between properties for access to utilities. Use with highway=service
service Other Values Mf way.png See Key:service or Tagwatch for more used values.