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TODO list

I've stumbled upon an interest in mapping the electricity transmission infrastructure. With the latest Bing imagery, spotting pylons and even the shadows of lines between them just got a lot easier, and I've been connecting up between known distribution stations. I'm considering approaching EirGrid to see if they would give permission for their network maps (or datasets i they have them) to be used to plot the network.
Other sources include:
Naas - inside South Ring, Newbridge/Limerick Rd (and off New/Old Caragh Rd), R410, R445
check and fix up main routes (added Corban's Lane, Friary Rd)
Church Lane (Main St - Corban's Lane)
All the car parks
finish residential areas
remainder of Lakeside Park (Lakes, Gandalf, lakes!)
waterways (done canal basin) - fix up canal out to Osberstown and toward Newbridge
council buildings and other municipal bits
Town Hall
Library - done
Fire station
Hospital (more detail) - mostly done
Garda stn outline - done, albeit not all the fiddly bits
Petrol stations
Naas - Oldtown to Monread
fix main Monread Avenue / Maudlings Rd
residential roads - in progress
industrial/retail areas and buildings - mostly done
Ambulance station - DONE
Naas - outer
Anything else along North Ring, Monread Rd - much done
residential beyond Ballykane Rd / South Ring, Kilcullen Rd - done
retail park - done bar business POIs
confirm alignment of LUAS B1 extension (is the end curving around Block G/G2?)
confirm whether S of link road is LUAS parking or office
add the under-construction junction for LUAS parking / Business Park, and if safe walk the path of the service road extension
Tidy the edges of the nature reserve / confirm edges of residential
check residential construction in/beyond Valley Avenue / Gleann na Ri