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Static navigation (SN) is filter applied on the result of position in GPS chip SiRF III.


In fabric settings, after power off GPS and after reset is set SN on. GPS filter "SN" on locks position on last position (tested on the HI-406 BT).

Back-engineering algorithm:

  • after starting GPS and correct fixing is position locked
  • if speed is more than 5 km/h, than position is unlocked
  • if speed is less than 5 km/h longer than 3-5 seconds, position is locked
  • if distance from last lock position is 200 meters than chip once unlocks position, changes it to actual and locks again

Using of this filter

  • correct using in bicycle, motorcar... (no fake i.e. distance counter)
  • problematic pedestrian use i.e. hiking, geocaching (missing correct position)


Application for switch SN on or off: