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How to make mobil map and use it in Phone with J2ME and Bluetooth (BT)




  1. Trekbuddy (TB).
    1. You need all space in phone for application free (delete all application) and more than one install tried is normal.
    2. TB need install from Nokia PC Suite. (Download to directory JAR and JAD file lite version of TB. Start Nokia PC Suite, connect phone, double click on the JAR file)
    3. Second variant is the install from JAD file over WAP viewer. (JAD install Trekbuddy have certificate sing, then make active more phone settings for application).
  2. In options of application set menu item "always" read/write to card. This option is not active, if is Trekbuddy install only from JAR without JAD.
  3. optionaly copy CMS theme 208x208px to the dir e:\\\trekbuddy\ui-profiles
  4. enable BT in mobil
  5. start application
  6. start option in menu TB, find and pair GPS
  7. load map/atlas in menu

Make map/atlas

Trekbuddy map have fixed scale, atlas is dataset with same area and different scale. All saved mainly in tar uncompressed archive.



OSM atlas Automatic generator map from not function. Automatic local atlas make:

./ -mapname=glasgow-mapnik -bbox=-4.300,55.850,-4.200,55.875 -z1 11 -z2 16
perl ./ -mapname=oBrnoV -bbox=16.45,49.09,16.77,49.31 -z1 11 -z2 15
perl ./ -mapname=oBosonohy -bbox=16.51,49.16,16.55,49.19 -z1 11 -z2 16
perl CR

copy to folder, and open it in Trekbuddy



  • Nokia work correct with only ONE paired bluetooth active device!