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Key Value Element Usable by Rendering Photo
smoothness excellent way area (thin_rollers) roller blade, skate board and all below       Highway secondary-photo.jpg
smoothness good way area (thin_wheels) racing bike and all below       Průmyslová str3, Prague Štěrboholy.jpg
smoothness intermediate way area (wheels) city bike, sport cars, wheel chair, Scooter and all below       Map feature ford.jpg
smoothness bad way area (robust_wheels) trekking bike, normal cars, Rickshaw and all below       Smoothnessverybad.jpg
smoothness very_bad way area (high_clearance) Car with high clearance, light-duty off road vehicles       Mountain-track1.jpg
smoothness horrible way area (off_road_wheels) heavy-duty off road vehicles and all below       Jena Trackexample profile.jpg
smoothness very_horrible way area (specialized_off_road_wheels) tractor, ATV, tanks, trial, Mountain bike and all kind of off-highway vehicles (see also mtb:scale=*)       Mountain-track5.jpg
smoothness impassable way area No wheeled vehicle       Smoothness impassable.JPG

Please note: Photos are examples ONLY! The smoothness of a way should be assessed solely based on whether the way is usable by the vehicles mentioned above. A user of a certain road or path is only interested in whether the road can be driven or not. *Note that some unpaved tracks can be so steep that a car designed mostly for on-road use does not have the gear ratios and engine power needed to drive up a slope slow enough not to cause damage without the engine stalling. The track may still be smooth enough that such cars can drive down that slope without problem, so in such cases the track should be marked bad but the steep section tagged with incline=*.

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