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Declaration of interests. It may be important to know where my "interests" lie, particularly financial interests, if you're working with me on joint decisions e.g. as part of CWG (more so in the past when I was on the board of HOT) In some situations my interests may present a "Conflict of Interest" situation. The usual solution would be for me to be excused from decision making on that topic, but for lesser/more severe conflicts other solutions may be appropriate.

Note: This page is likely to go out of date. Last updated: 2022-05-23

Financial Interests

Currently not being paid by anyone! I shall try to remember to update this in a few months when I expect that will have changed

Volunteering roles

OSM Foundation Communication Working Group
I am part of the Communication Working Group of the OpenStreetMap foundation. In general I try to be quite involved in the OpenStreetMap foundation in an unpaid capacity. CWG sometimes makes spending decisions for communications related things within a budget, or spending recommendations to the board for larger amounts.
HOT ex-board member
I was on the board of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, but stepped down from this position early 2015.
This was unpaid, but at the time it involved some control over all aspects of the organisation including finances.
I have not (yet) taken part in any HOT field work projects, paid or unpaid.
I have not (yet) taken part in any paid HOT technical development work. Only unpaid spare-time work.
I have given a HOT technical workshop resulting in a small payment which I donated entirely to HOT.
I have had flight expenses paid for HOT trips abroad for board face-to-face meetings
Minor roles affiliations
I'm a paid up member of OSMUK and wikimedia UK. I get involved in other organisations all the time on a casual/drive-by volunteering basis. I also have friendly current or past connections with various companies e.g. Open Data Institute provided office space where I worked in the past, and OpenCageData buys drinks to the attendees at GeoMob.


In 2008/2009 I worked for CloudMade (paid, full time). I had a tiny number of shares which I sold. You may remember the company, as it was much more heavily involved in OpenStreetMap back then. These days they seem to have disappeared from the OSM community. I don't know if they even use OSM for their car nav tech. I no longer have any links with them.
I worked (helped start) a small company called placr, which operated under the TransportAPI brand. I left this job in 2017. I still have a small share holding. The company made some minor uses of OpenStreetMap data.
OpenCorporates & Oomph wellness
More recent paid employment. No relation to OpenStreetMap other than open data.