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Harry Social Media

Email :
Skype : Harry.Mahardhika
Twitter : @harrymahar
Google + : Harry Mahardhika
Location : Jakarta, Indonesia
OSM Username : harrymahar

About Me

I am Graduated from University Indonesia with Geography as a major subjet. Therefore, I have more than four years experiences in Geography Information System, Mapping, Field Survey activities. An Open source user and have been involved since 2012. Working for Humanitarian OSM Team – Indonesia for more than 4 years to facilitate and encourage people and communities to use Open Source Software such as OpenStreetMap , QGIS and InaSAFE as assist government in disaster management such as make contingency planning and also cooperate with other organization whose interest about OpenStreetMap, community, open source software and disaster management. Since October 2016, I am Project Managers for PDC-InaWARE Programme in Surabaya and Jakarta.

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    jalan kesatrian VIII no. 10
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Contoh Tabel

No. Nama Peserta Instansi Email Nomor HP Foto
1. Zainuddin BNPB 08112233245 Foto profil.jpeg
2. H.Encad BPBD Betawi 0875660000 Foto profil.jpeg