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I'm Deb Tankersley...of North American wanderings and origins. I served 13 years in the US Navy and worked at MapQuest for just over a decade - loving maps all the time. I worked with Ant the Limey on the Open Initiative Project and would generally blog the fun stuff that we did at MapQuest here:

The MapQuest OSM based projects included:

... - a US specific site that uses a OSM data stack and open source tools, a MapQuest front-end look/feel with the MQ routing technology and our own unique Mapnik style.

... is where we host web services that are powered by OSM data, open source tools, or both. Our first web service is up in beta, as well as our directions API using strictly OSM data.

... holds all the latest links to all our Open sites as well as upcoming events and information about all things MapQuest Open oriented.


I'm here to learn and grow and thrive and help others to learn/grow/thrive in this community. My edits are pretty much whatever I find interesting at that moment and it always seems to leave me wishing for more time to explore.

I'm now working in a different company doing spatial business intelligence but still help out on the State of the Map board - last year in Denver and this year (2012) in Tokyo! You can check out our local Denver mapping meetings here:

Happy Mapping!