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I'm a software engineer (real name Craig), located in Livingston.

Sep 2007 - Most of my time is tracing Yahoo aerial imagery at the moment as I have no access to a GPS unit. Most areas to the west, and around the outskirts, of Edinburgh have now been traced and just need to be fully tagged. I've also tried to fill in some of the suburbs which hadn't yet been mapped. Any edits I've made are tagged with "source=yahoo tracing" - feel free to correct as necessary.

Sep 2007 - Given how well Edinburgh has progressed, I've moved up the coast to Aberdeen, my place of birth. Working from the North to South outside the "Anderson Drive" boundary at the moment, tracing as far as the imagery goes...

Apr 2008 - It's been a while. Tracing Aberdeen finished last year. Now just doing some odds and sods all over the place - still tracing. Also trying to clear up some Maplint errors in various places.

Sep 2010 - Well, after a long time away I've started mapping again. Now that the OS StreetView data has been opened I'm spending my time filling the gaps between the Yahoo coverage that has been traced previously. West Lothian, Fife, Angus and Aberdeenshire. Also trying to correct various bits of bad data/tags that I stumble across on the way.