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Bus Stop Features

Trying to think of all the features I might record for bus stops, perhaps developing into a form for efficient completing.

Fields / Properties


As of 20080808, and confirmed by reading around Tag:highway=bus stop, I'm using ref=* for this.


Obviously using name=* for this one.


As of 20080808, I'm using transport:zone=* for this.


  • services (using route:services=s1,s2,.. since 20080808)
  • direction (using route:direction=north|south|east|west since 20080808) - no longer in use
  • timing stops, where buses will wait until scheduled departure time if early (using route:timing_stop=yes/no since 20081214)
  • start and finish stops, since I dislike the stop_x role recommended for routing (using route:starting_stop=yes/no and route:terminating_stop=yes/no since 20081216)


  • shelter (using stop:feature:shelter=own/other since 20080808) (using stop:feature:shelter=own/incidental since 20081116)
  • shelter (from elsewhere e.g. shops) (see usage above, covers this)
  • lighting (using stop:feature:lighting=own/incidental)
  • seat (using stop:feature:seat=own/other since 20080808) (using stop:feature:seat=own/incidental since 20081116)
  • timetable (using stop:feature:timetable=yes/no since 20080808)
  • route map (using stop:feature:map=yes/no since 20081216)
  • real-time information (using stop:feature:arrivals_board=yes/no since 20081116)
  • sight aiding tactile indicator mat (using stop:feature:tactile_mat=yes/no since 20080808)
  • rubbish bin (using stop:feature:rubbish_bin=yes/no)
  • billboard-type ads (using stop:feature:advertising=yes/no) - no longer using, can't see the point
  • information kiosk
  • elevator