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OSMapping swag

This is me starting to draft an inventory for myself and potentially fellow OSMappers. It's been moved off my main user page. I haven't seen anything like this on the wiki yet, but mediawiki's search is "the suck" in my experience. Should this be in an article? Titled "What to take"? "Inventory"? "Swag"? Should it be a mediawiki template that users can embed, personalised, into their own user pages, for their own reference? So many questions.


I don't mind if anyone gets in and edits or leaves comments in the talk page.

All items are only suggestions. It's a suggested inventory – if you don't own or understand something, just realise that someone else might.

Some items are TODOs — not sure how to lay these out yet.

See also: Tricks and tips.


  • printouts of OSM site for explaining
  • OSM map printouts for annotating
  • pen or pencil
  • clipboard
  • blank paper
  • timepiece (clock, watch, other device)
  • voice recording device
  • camera
  • mobile phone
  • water
  • plastic bag for your litter
  • money
  • medication or anything you might be addicted to
  • warm clothes
  • change of socks (dry is nice)
  • rain gear


  • torch


  • TODO: tell someone where you're going
  • pocket knife or somesuch
  • first aid kit
  • snacks


  • GPS unit


  • TODO: apply sun cream
  • sun cream
  • hat
  • sunglasses

Public transport?

  • transport tickets or fare money


  • cycle pump
  • cycle repair kits
  • cycle lock