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I'm Neil Penman and nowadays I generally map using that user id. Main areas I've mapped include:

 * Melbourne city grid
 * North Melbourne, Parkville
 * Brunswick, Coburg etc up to the ring road
 * Gladstone Park
 * Parts of north central Victoria centered around Castlemaine
 * Ponsonby (Auckland)
 * Devenport (Auckland)

I've also added myself to the category "users in East Timor" which is not a true statement as I've never been to East Timor. However I started some maps adding the coastline, a few roads and some place names. I'm hoping to encourage others who really are in East Timor to take these maps further.

I'm contactable using the following:

   * email: ianaf4you
   * neilpenman

I helped load some tracks of Southern Sudan that were provided by the United Nations to Mikel. There were about 425 of these tracks that appeared to be of good quality and to have been originally created by the UN that Ian and I loaded.

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