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Kreisverkehr.jpg Picton Roundabout.JPG Mini roundabout and shops - - 49562.jpg Mini-roundabout in Staining - - 1394614.jpg Erfurts famous miniroundabout 2.jpg



Kreisverkehr2.jpg Roundabout 1.jpg Blackwood roundabout.jpg San Agustin Roundabout A.jpg Roundabout denmark 0075.jpg

Small, but not mini

Hamilton Roundabout.JPG Sparkassaplatz roundabout.jpg Roundabout vehicle tracks.jpg Mini-roundabout Duckpool Road, Newport - - 1435594.jpg Mini-roundabout in Flambard Way - - 1602417.jpg


Wendestelle.jpg Turning Circle - - 1539732.jpg Turning circle, Temple - - 1537665.jpg Small turning circle at end of Lodge Road - - 633917.jpg


Junction with central island.jpg Mini-roundabout 1.jpg Kein kreisel IMGP9185 osm.jpg Turning Circle - - 1490451.jpg Turning circle - - 991834.jpg Mytholm Turning Circle - - 1142021.jpg Turning circle at Tarr Steps - - 926337.jpg


Roundabout sign Israel.png Mini roundabout sign.png Diamond road sign roundabout.svg Australian Roundabout warning sign.png Czech Republic road sign C 1.svg Diamond road sign mini-roundabout.svg Znak A-8.svg Square in Iran.png Singapore road sign - Warning - Roundabout.svg