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I live just northeast of Washington, D.C. in the Maryland suburb of White Oak. I'm a novice mapper with interests in creating & editing Garmin & Magellan GPS maps and Garmin Tour Guides.

Turnabout is fair play, I suppose.

In the 57 years that I've been an American I've heard quite a few stereotypical comments about "us", as well as witnessed some made about "them". I generally don't pay much heed to either side since as with everything else in life, it's usually difficult to have a perspective that isn't colored by one's own world.

I'm thankful for the OSM project in giving me a great place to learn how to create, improve, and use maps that are relevant to each of us, and also for the glimpse of the world through eyes that are not "America-Centric". As frustrating as that turns out to be for an American!

So, to that end ... I'd like to help with any projects that improve OSM in North America, and tools that facilitate the use of OSM on this continent and the hardware devices "we" use here.

Feel free to contact me about that subject! I live for motorcycle road touring here in the lower 48 states, Canada, and Alaska.

As we used to say at my ex-employer Land Rover North America ... Cheerz.