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Hello fellow OSM Wiki peps. I'm a huge cycle commuting advocate and have spent the last 2 years as of Summer 2021 mapping mostly bike infrastructure in NW Arkansas with the stated goal of making cycle based digital wayfinding possible and effective in the area I live far in advance of walled gardens like G00gle even thinking about doing the same in any serious way. I started mostly working on greenway/touring routes but have recently gotten into mapping out Mountain Bike routes and bike-able gravel routes. With my more recent work being focused on working on adding related Points of Interest for commuters using Mapillary and cycling with better GPS many of the Mountain Bike trails in the area so I can come back an improve their accuracy. I mainly ride a Recumbent Trike but as mentioned have a eMTB for the off road stuff. Oh and I play P0kemon Go as well but don't hold that against me I'm not 'one of those' players that breaks OSM maps just for a game.