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While the core and bulk of OpenStreetMap contributions continue to be of voluntary and uncoordinated nature there is an increasing amount of "institutional mapping activity" in OSM. A number of benefits could be seen in listing/catalogueing these projects and some key information about them. This page is an attempt to do just that.

The reasons for doing this could be for example:

  • understanding of how the data has been created
  • helping to create community
  • making data quality assurance an easier task
  • making it easier to understand different mapping activities
  • making it easier to contact mappers that have participated in given project(s)

We would need to come up with a standard (simple) set of information that would make sense to gather from various (and why not all) "institutional" mapping projects.

Things to list:

  • Name of the project
  • Geographic scope
  • Duration
  • Human resources of the project (and ideally also their contact information if the mappers want to share that)
- list of OSM usernames that participated in the project
- who designed, managed, mapped the project
  • Financial resources of the project
  • Financier / development partner
  • Links to project pages / documents
  • Some stats (embedded or linked)