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I am currently a college student at Dordt College in Sioux Center. I am studying Computer Science. I am very intrigued with the use of GIS in concurrency with other data sets (ex. Wireless Network Mapping.) I love to map out new areas and use my GPS on a regular basis. I also like to do some geocaching. Modeling real world data allows me to combine my love and experience with technology with my love and experience with nature and the outdoors. I really enjoy it.

Current Projects

Sioux Center is a small town in northwest Iowa where I currently reside.

Most roads are entered either by the Tiger data import or my own personal GPS traces. Still working on updating and straigtening out some of the roads. Also get more POIs. I have also began a more detailed mapping of Dordt College including all sidewalks, buildings, parking lots, etc.

Sheldon is another small town in nortwest Iowa where I regularly visit.

Am only approximately 50% done with straightening all residential roads and still need to get a trace on the new Highway 60 bypass.

Rock Valley is yet another small town that I am currently in the process of moving to physically and of course mapping.

Most roads are either done by the Tiger import or my own personal GPS traces. About to begin work on more POIs.


Garmin Oregon 400t