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I'm Janus. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I work at the Danish "Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (National IT and Telecom Agency)" (peeeehw!), which means I get paid to work with and for open source, open standards, data and open innovation.

Before that .com entrepreneur - just like everybody else. ;-)


  • I'm very enthusiastic about OSM.
  • Have submitted 20+ trace logs from Tanzania. Still working on the tagging par in JOSM.
  • Plan to do some mapping on the small Danish island "Læsø" later this year.

More stuff:

And ohh... I would love to have "Janus" as my user name here on OSM.


I do my mapping using:

  • A Garmin Oregon 300.
  • A Specialized Sirrus bicycle
  • A Linuxbox running Ubuntu. I like JOSM!