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GPSdisplay is a small GTK+ based application using Mapnik to render a card. It'll use gpsd to obdain a fix and center the card accordingly, but you can also move around with the cursor keys. It can draw your track, record a GPX file of your movement and also add named trackpoints (for missing POIs to be added to the map later on). A nice additional feature is to write out a shell script adding bugs to OpenStreetBugs. This will help others to fix bugs in the map (eg. when you notice a missing street, but don't have time to map it.)


GPSdisplay is managed using GIT. It will need a working C and a C++ compiler, as well as installed Mapnik and GTK+ libraries along with their development files. You can get it from git://


Just call make to build the program. Support for autotools is completely missing, so you're welcome to send me patches.


There isn't an install target yet. Just start it with ./gpsdisplay.

Map: WebContent

I always wanted to have a slippy map displaying as much information as possible. This is a conflict to most people wishes having a clean and easy to follow map. This led me to use the OpenStreetBugs software as a starting point and add nearly everything I thought that's interesting to it. You can see the result at

It is a quite simple project. With osmosis, we keep a PostGIS database with the OSM data up to date (right now, only for Germany, though...) With the use of a stored procedure, called by a short Perl script every 2h, a new table is generated containing all the interesting points along with preformatted HTML content (to be displayed in the popups.) The rest is an index.html, a stylesheet and a JavaScript file putting all the loose ends together.