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name, jeremy jozwik. osm page,

working on making the city of san gabriel correctly mapped out on osm.

also fixing up greater los angeles area in general.

recently acquired the openmoko neo device so i will be tracking my travels to surabaya and indonesia in general


  • FIC neo freerunner SHR-Testing 20090502
    logging with TangoGPS
    have started experimenting with omgps, it seems to be well adapted to the openmoko platform and has options for mode of travel. should fix the issues with walking around that tangoGPS creates.

May 2009

Gps tracked every time i got into a car in surabaya indonesia. I have uploaded some 80 tracks in the region and am slowly tracing them all out. Also took several trips outside the city and will be adjusting the map for those regions as well.

along with surabaya, i also went to hong kong. unfortunately the gps application i was using at the time did not work very well for tracing while walking about the city. most of the gps tracks were very messy. Thus, most of the new information added was places of interest.