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Hello there, I'm jimkats from Greece.

To keep it short here (since it's not used that much as mean of communication), I will leave the link to my Wikipedia profile, which contains short bio and basic resume of my Internet experience:

I may not be that much active sometimes, but I love contributing in OpenStreetMap (similar love and with Wiki-related platforms).

If you want to contact with me for OSM, preferably within the main site by message.

Mapping projects

Not necessarily projects that will be for sure completed in full, but mostly what I come across and try to improve while I map other stuff.
Oh, and all of them are about Greece. There's no reason to do something outside of Greece since there's a lot of useful stuff to be done (as always) and the Greek mapping community is small.

  • Add municipal units and missing communities (overpass-turbo query)
    • This includes their boundaries
    • Subproject: add communities (former municipal districts) of large cities
  • Try to discover and add street names in villages
    • Usually they are not used or being referenced anywhere, but they do exist
  • Improve details about Provincial Roads and their sections
    • They lack their name in the relation and most sections don't have the proper names (edit 2021: pause because there's still a non-specific guideline within the Greek community, it always changes apparently)
  • Improve the city of Argos with as many features as possible
    • It sounds like an overkill, but think that before I start mapping in OSM, Argos had almost nothing besides most streets and some basic stuff (churches, squares)
  • Add neighborhoods and quarters in some places
    • Some are pretty known, so it's easy to discover, others are not that known
  • Fix erroneously tagged track roads
    • Most small/isolated roads are being erroneously tagged as track roads (done mostly by Kaart team, they have been notified), so I convert most of them into unclassified roads, after of course I've verified by other sources that they aren't track roads (even by imagery you can see they aren't track roads, how can someone tag them as such though...)
  • Add disused railway stations
    • The usability of such information is mostly to know where and which they are (that is which village/town they served). Especially since the Greek Railways Company (OSE) constantly makes plans to re-initiate the old railway networks. Someday they may actually re-operate. We have seen everything this decade from them...
  • Add/correct streets in towns whether possible
    • Most towns and even cities have either missing street names or wrong street names (in full or by 1-2 letters). Whether it is possible to find and verify those street names, I try to add/correct them.
  • Add municipalities of Greece formed after Kallikratis Plan (2011 onwards)
    • Because every now and then administrative division changes a bit, usually related with communities, there have been also cases of new municipalities.

1: Add municipal units and missing communities

Description: Add various municipal units and missing communities in Greece.

Update of mid-November: because it will take time to add any missing boundary (they are a lot), I will try to add only what is easy enough to draw. If only the official sources had the data in WMS style...

Completed (per regional units mostly): Argolida, Arkadia, Korinthia, Achaia, Aitoloakarnania, Fokida, Lefkada, Kithira/Antikithira, Samos (missing communities), West Attica, Kefallonia, Corfu, Lasithi, Herakleion.

Notes: 1. There are municipalities which don't have Municipal Units, because they remain unchanged with the Kallikratis Plan (2010). Therefore there's no admin_level="8" there.
Remember that Municipal Units are mainly Municipalities from Kapodistrias Plan (1997-2010) which merged into larger Municipalities by Kallikratis Plan. There are also few places in which there's no official community (admin_level=9), especially in large residential areas, such as in several municipalities of the Athens Metropolitan Area. In such cases, the lowest administrative entity is the municipality itself.
2. In Crete, half of the island had communities mapped, but erroneously ranked admin_level 8 instead of 9 and name:en as Municipality instead of Community. Plus, their names in Greek had issues. All of that are fixed now, along with their municipal units added. Also, there was issue with one municipality's borders (for like 9 months), which is also fixed now. And final, the municipalities of the whole island, had name:en District instead of Municipality. Also fixed now. October 2021

Subproject: According to a 2006 law, municipalities of which their seat had over 100,000 residents, according to the 2001 census, were being divided into municipal districts, since 2019 called communities. The cities eligible for this subdivision were at the time Athens, Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Patras, Peristeri, Heraklion, Larissa and Kallithea. Half of those were already subdivided before 2006. Within OSM, I added every one of those, except Larissa so far.

Addition of street names in towns/villages whether possible

Here I will mention the places where I attempted to add the streets (just to have them written down), with small chances of continuing due to temporarily lack of info. Some of those places already had street names, but they were either wrong (other name or spelling) or they were missing. Mentioned in the order I firstly edited them.

Towns/cities: Argos, Nafplio, Nafpaktos, Nea Kios, Itea, Ligourio, Nemea, Amfilochia, Leonidio, Astros, Orchomenos (Boeotia), Megalopoli, Filiatra, Kyparissia, Ancient Olympia

Villages/areas: Antirio, Paralio Astros, Tolo, Mycenae, Fichtia, Koutsopodi, Karavostasi (west of Corinth), Galaxidi, Aspra Spitia

Notes: For Argos, there are 2-3 street names which I still haven't discovered yet. To be precise, there are 2-3 roads that appear to have separate housing number than the adjacent streets, which makes me think they are separate streets, but there's no info anywhere about the name of the street. My only chance now seems to be contacting the municipality, but I haven't done it yet.

Add municipalities of Greece formed after Kallikratis Plan (2011 onwards)

After Kallikratis Plan for Greece's administrative subdivision, there have been cases of formation of newer municipalities, most of them with the Kleisthenis I plan, which is a variation of the Kallikratis Plan. Until 2021, the latest case of municipality formation has been in 2019, but within OSM, none of these newer municipalities were added. I added the following municipalities (former municipalities vs new municipalities in parenthesis):

Lesvos (Mytilene, Western Lesvos), Samos (Eastern Samos, Western Samos), Servia-Velvento (Servia, Velvento), Corfu (Southern Corfu, Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands, Northern Corfu), Kefalonia (Lixouri, Argostoli, Sami)