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My name is Jinal Foflia, I'm from Bangalore. I hold a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering. During my Engineering, I have worked on conceptualization and designing of applications in fields of women safety, Market Research, Fitness, and was an active participant at hackathons.

I love interacting with people and have a passion for organizing and managing events. I also enjoy writing poetry. I am also a part of the Communications Working Group for OpenStreetMap foundation and editor at WeeklyOSM - a newsletter that shares OpenStreetMap related news. Drop me a line if interested in learning and talking about any of these.

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I'm an avid contributor to OpenStreetMap, to know more about what I map and how do I contribute to OpenStreetMap read here.

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Mapper in the Spotlight: Jinal Foflia (India)


Working for Grab - South East Asia's biggest ride hailing companies as a Lead Program Manager.


Previously working as a Open Data Community Manager at Mapbox. As part of the Community Team, I work closely with the OpenStreetMap and other open data communities to build amazing maps together, and supports our data team to share our stories.I also spent time working on planning strategies for communications related to OpenStreetMap and Mapbox India.

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