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My real name is Oliver and I live in Staufenberg (a village near to Gießen, Germany). Currently I'm using three different GPS loggers

  • Columbus V-900 - a very neat and easy to use gadget - but poor data exchange via microSD card and proprietary file format. Therefore I wrote a JOSM plugin (see below). Anyway, this is my preferred one.
  • Wintec WSG-1000 - very powerful (e. g. barometric altitude), but firm- and software violate almost every rule of designing good user interfaces. It is always an adventure to get the tracks out of this device.
  • GlobalSat BT-335 - My first logger. Very neat, but dumb. Retired

Contributions to OSM

Currently I try to finish missing data in the area of Staufenberg, especially tracks, housenumbers and amenities. The current status of streets and housenumbers is available here.